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Rates and Refunds


Hourly repair rate is $125 per hour. 1 hour minimum
Onsite diagnosis/repair fee is $199 for the first hour. Up to 80 miles, plus $2 per mile added past 80. 


Repair rate is $150, 1-3 wire breaks. 


$299 and up


(PREMIUM INSTALL) (**standard grade available with discount)(discounts available after walkthrough)
115H, 315X, 415X, - $1900
430X/430XH, 430XH, 520, 520H - $2300
435AWD, 535AWD - $2500
450X, 450XH, 550, 550H - $2700
Wireless installs
450/450H EPOS, 550/550H EPOS - $1200
CEORA - $4,000
$1999 for set up, concrete base extra.

Solar panel

Notices and Warranties

60 day return on Husqvarna robotic mower. All returns must be accompanied with receipt showing date of purchase. All products must be clean, in working order and unused. Products with damage, lost, stolen, and/or missing parts or pieces will not be accepted. Installation for robotic mowers is non-refundable and cannot be returned or exchanged for credit. All returns must be returned to The Robotic Mower Guys shop location weather picked upr at the shop or professionally installed. All returns will incur a 10% restocking fee. All service fees and/or transaction fees and/or shipping fees are non-refundable. All return shipping cost must be paid by the customer.

30 Day abandonment notice
Any abandoned mowers, or mower parts or pieces will be charged a $10 per day storage fee starting 21 days after notice to pick up. at 60 days these parts and or mowers or equipment will be forfeited to The Robotic Mower Guys. 

Commercial buyers
ask about your policy for adjustments and repairs with sales associate, some are included in maintenance agreement if you choose to take that service.

Premium wired Robotic mower installs come with a 60 day warranty on breaks in the wire, excluding damage done intentionally or by 3rd party. Adjustments to wired robotic mower installation, Customer/purchaser can request adjustments to be made for 7 days following the initial install of automower. Anything past that is at the discretion of The Robotic Mower Guys, or may incur additional charges. non Premium installs come with no gauruntee Ask sales associate for more details.
Premium wireless installs included 1 return visit, if needed within 60 days of initial install.
 Wireless installations come with no guarantee. there are hundreds of variables. These are designed for wide open areas if the buyer chooses to install on a home or under tree cover, that is on them. even in wide open areas atmospheric changes could effect the systems.

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