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The Robotic Mower Guys - We Are lawncare.

What We Do
We help others get into the Robotic mower industry.


  • Learn sales & build the most effective installs for customers

  • Make friends, learn robotic mowers, earn bonuses, grow your career!

Prepare to grow


  • Learn the tech side and how to repair

  • Be reliable to the customers and the team

  • Plan and manage installs

Plant deep roots


  • Learn to Nurture the Seedlings     

  • Take care of people in region.             

  • network and develop social media   

Reach for the sky


  • Learn to run day to day operations of a major maket

  • Mentor the next generation               

  • Expand market

Strength through Wisom


  • Continue to grow yourself and the teams

  • take care of customers, teams, and community         

  • Maintain a good enviroment for growth

Tend the garden 

Want to Own the local Market?

Become the local Robotic Mower expert

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