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Race to wireless robotic mowers

The Race is on and the world is filled with those that want and feel like they deserve to know, me included. But when it comes down to wireless robotic mowers, the questions and answers can get confusing fast and even worse overlooked details could leave you high and dry. In this article you find the right questions that should be asked, a quick run down of who has what, a short answer, and where to find help with robotic mowers.

Questions you need to ask

  1. What models of wireless robotic mowers will work for me and my property.

  2. Are there any monthly or annual fees?

  3. Is there a return policy?

  4. Is there a warranty? how does the warranty work?

  5. Who to call when you need help and have questions?

  6. How many units do you have installed?

  7. Is their a reliable supply chain of parts?

Which manufactures have wireless robotic mower models?

This list is actually longer than most might expect.

-Husqvarna has 520/520HEPOS, 550/550H EPOS, CEORA, and coming soon NERA. they've proven themselves in reliability for parts and service, as well they are the current overall leader in the industry of robotic mowers.

-Toro is entering the field with two models, a residential unit coming spring 2023 and a larger golf course unit that is in testing now. Newer to the game but the company has a long history of producing high quality results.

-Ambrogio is another manufacture that's not new to robotic mowers. Ambrogio has both a small radar unit and a larger RTK unit. RTK is a global positioning system that typically uses a local reference station and needs to maintain line of sight, almost all wireless robotic mowers are RTK or RTK variant.

-Irobot has their Terra T7. they are great at vacuums but the long wait is still just that, still waiting to see it.

-Segway Navimow - which has a lot of attention, but may have some federal regulation issues over frequencies used, that they need to clear before fully launching in the Unites States. (We were unable to verify this claim and doubt they will be going anywhere but forward.)

-Luba by Mammotion is one i get asked about a lot, but typically my response is show me anywhere that you can buy one. today i can only find a kick-starter that will take a deposit of $600 for future unit.

-Novabot this is another I get asked a lot about. Test models just started shipping out NOV. 2022

YARBO- lets not forget this beauty. YARBO is an all in one, mower, leaf blower, snow plow and who knows it might even make coffee. I've seen it in action and i can tell you the team behind it is serious.


Only buy wireless with the help and support of a Robotic Mower dealer. qualifying the working area as to weather a wireless unit could or could not work on that site is something only a professional should do.

Where can I find a Robotic Mower dealer?

Most manufactures have resources on their websites to find local help. However is also a great resource that could either help you or direct you to a specialist for your needs.

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