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MEET CEORA: the largest autonomous lawnmower

Make no mistake about it. THE KING WEARS A CROWN. Husqvarna's CEORA mower is the clear winner. 5-20 acres, fully autonomous, self charging, proven technology, and safety, interchangeable front ends for more options in lawncare. The competition is envious.

Why is it so special:

It's ahead of the competition by years. no one makes an electric robotic mower any near this size. Most can handle 1acre maximum. One competitor can do 5 acres but is lacking in AI technology and is limited to that 5 acres. CEORA is a Robotic mower that needs no underground wires, cuts up to 20 acres, and is 100% electric. one which way or another all the competition can't compete. even if they can do 20 acres, it's gas powered and even worse has a fixed blade; which is also the #1 cause of injury in the industry.

How is it limited:

Although clearly ahead of the competition CEORA does have 1 major draw back. it needs a clear line of sight with the satilites to work. so the idea of working under thick tree cover or up close to building might be a little difficult. NO WORRIES, THERE IS A FIX, the engineer teams have been working around the clock to be able to overcome with the use of multiple reference stations.

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