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Batteries, batteries, batteries, the race is on. every manufacture has an electric mower hitting the market this year. electric mowers, trimmers, chainsaws, blowers. but which is the best and which should you buy? well that's a question that the internet might be able to help with. So we did some research, we asked the industry experts, we tested some things out for ourselves. following is a list of things to look out for and to consider.

What Not to buy in the battery lawncare world.

Don't buy a battery operate push-mowers. The batteries are typically more expensive then the rest of the mower. add to that, the fact, that automated lawncare like Automowers excist and the idea of an electric push mower would just be a bad idea at this point. almost all handheld equipment and robotic mowers on the other hand would be a solid purchase.

What electric mower to buy?

Without a doubt in my mind Husqvarna is blowing the doors of the competition with it's Automower. more then 20 models a available and the clear leader in the Robotic mower world for the last 27 years. There technology and their ability to supply part and aftercare set them not only as the leader but truly the only choice for my family.

What handheld brands to buy?

Stihl and Husqvarna are leading the pack in battery operated gear period. no one has the power, charge length, and durability of these two brands. all of their battery operated hand held equipment would seem to be a great purchase for this mowing season both residential and commercial use tools.

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