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AGRIA 9600

This is a Monster, a Tank, a Bulldozer. Just a few of phrases we've heard from potential customers in the first few weeks of dealing with AGRIA. When we got the call to have a closer look at what they called "THE BEST" remote control, steep terrain, low profile, mower in the world, we didn't realize that what they built until we laid eyes on this absolutely Rock Solid machine. Babe Ruth would break his bat before putting a dent in the machine. Not only is the AGRIA 9600 built like a tank, it abilities in Low Profile settings (solar panels) and Steep Terrain are completely unmatched in todays world.

A Perfect machine for a City, Large landscaper, HOA, or GOLF Course. This is not your residential style system. it's made to handle business and will provide new solutions to old problems. Increased efficiency and safety are always the name of the game. If you're tired of just getting by with trimmers or the " I Hope we don't roll the Zero turn " then this is the Mower for you and your crew. call for demo 513-441-7669 Mathew

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